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Annie Fogarty is a native Brooklynite, whose heart belongs all over the place.
  I was always involved in your average 'creative child' activities growing up, but didn't really take a leap into trying new mediums and working for myself until I dropped out after 2 years at Temple University in Philadelphia. I wound up going through school at Make-Up Designory in New York, which would give me an in with film and television as a Make-up and Hair artist for about 6 years.
  After developing a total disillusionment with make-up and the beauty industry, I left and found myself in another spell of wandering and trying to figure out what I enjoyed doing anymore, like so many find with all kinds of jobs that really start to feel like work.
  It was while following a podcast's live tour around the US that I started collecting pins, and realizing all of the ideas I had for pins I wanted--needed--but they didn't exist. Yet!
  My foray into pin-making came in a wave of Gilmore Girls pins, and then a Lady GaGa. This was very low-earning, as I didn't quite think of it as something I could really do- I just enjoyed it.
  Once the podcast tour ended and I was at a crossroads I couldn't wander away from again, I did a lot of thinking, a lot of changing, and I found myself even more inspired, which caught on.
  I moved away from Gilmore pins, and as I expanded what I was putting out, the more it seemed that pin-making could really become my life. During this time, I was in my first 6 months of sobriety, and I don't think my work could be anywhere near where it is now if not for changing my life in that way first.
  Don't get me wrong, I still have my sense of humor about drinking, I just don't imbibe anymore. I hope that my optimism, but humor and sense of self comes across in my work and how I engage with my customers as much as I feel it does.
  I don't stick to one theme in my work, because it's a varied world with lots of things to like. I'm just here to depict it in my own way and make it wearable. I hope you'll share in that with me. 
Thanks for visiting my shop! 
Annie "FOH-GAH-GER-TEE" Fogarty